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About Us

Company Profile

      Siam Tank Terminals Co., Ltd. was founded by Mitsui & Co. (Thailand) Ltd. in 1973 under the name Mitsui Tank Yard.  In 1981 the company's name was changed to Siam Tank Terminals Co., Ltd. The company has 25.1 million baht registered capital, which is invested by three following companies

  • Mitsiam International, Limited
  • Mitsui & Co. (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Toyo Gosei Kogyo Co., Ltd.




      The company’s head office situated in Bangkok, and a terminal with 25,948 square meters acreage, located on the West bank of Chaophraya River, 34 km. from the delta of Chaophraya River, Samutprakarn province. The company has been providing efficient services with international standards of tank facilities for storage, loading and unloading via vessel, lorry and iso container, drumming of bulk liquid chemicals for over 35 years.

 Location and Access 

      The terminal is located on the West bank of Chaophraya River, which is the distribution centre of Bangkok and neighboring provinces. The product can be distributed swiftly by water or land. By water the ocean-going vessels can access the jetty easily. It takes around 3 hours through Chaophraya River from Chaophraya Delta, Samutprakarn province. The land transportation can be accessed through Bangkok Express Way, Industrial Ring Road and Kanjanapisake Express Way which are connected to Eastern route, Western route, Southern route, and Northern route allowing effective and timely transportation.




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